Banja Luka – On March 2, 2004, in Banja Luka, 13 branch employers’ associations founded the Union of Employers’ Associations of Republika Srpska.

Today, the Union is the only representative association of employers at the level of Republic of Srpska, it consists of 15 branch associations of employers, with over 600 employers who employ more than 55,000 workers.

The Union of Employers’ Associations of Republika Srpska is an organization that brings together employers from the private and public sectors on a voluntary basis intending to represent their interests, providing appropriate services, and establishing and improving business relationships.

We want to be an organization that with its work, practical experience, and reputation of members contributes to employment growth, sustainable business, an affirmation of a favorable investment climate, and development of social dialogue, all with the goal of creating a society of work and prosperity through a partnership with institutions.

During the 17 years of the Union’s work so far, two General Collective Agreements have been concluded with the social partners, five Decisions on the lowest salary in the Republic of Srpska have been harmonized, and branch associations have concluded 11 branch collective agreements.